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The Road to Better Life
Thank you for visiting FiberTea™. FiberTea™ is instantly soluble, non-thickening, and grit free. Dietary fiber, the major ingredient in our FiberTea™ product, is known to effectively lower cholesterol, improve digestion, control the appetite, and help regularity. Many health experts advise a greater consumption of dietary fiber. Researchers also suggest that dietary fiber, together with a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may help lower the risk of heart disease and colon cancer. Enjoy FiberTea™ with hot or cold water, or your choice of beverage. Enjoy the benefits of FiberTea™

Health Benefits of Fiber
Fiber "bulks up" waste and moves it through the colon more rapidly, preventing constipation and possibly colon cancer. The trickiest accomplishments of fiber may lie with the stickiest kinds called gums and pectins, as they may keep cholesterol under control by removing bile acids that digest fat. The same types of fiber may regulate blood sugar as well. This is accomplished by coating the gut's lining and delaying stomach emptying. As a result, they can slow sugar absorption after a meal and may reduce the amount of insulin needed. Fiber is a weight watcher's dream since fibers called cellulose and hemicelluloses take up space in the stomach, making us feel full, therefore food intake is less.

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Our products come on the market on November 20, 2005.
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