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Immediate benefits of FiberTea™ - Relieve constipation, Improve regularity, and Detoxify your body.
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"It only took a couple of hours to work! I suffered from constipation and didn't have regular bowel movement. It helps me have a regular cycle and I prefer it to any other product like ex-lax and other laxatives."

- Ruby R. from CA

FiberTea™ - Constipation Relief
FiberTea™ mix is a truly unique product with natural, universal appeal. FiberTea™ use a diabetic-safe sweetener. No Caffeine, No Preservatives, No Sugar, and No Fat.
Soluble fiber! All Natural, No Chemical!

Fiber Jerusan Tea™ - Appetite Control
The Jerusalem Artichoke assists with weight control by helping your body better manage sugar with the active natural ingredient: inulin. Feel fuller with our Fiber Jerusan Tea™.
We have also added vegetable fiber to help aid the betterment of your body.
Fiber Green Tea™ - Antioxidants
For 3,000 years Asian countries have been using tea as their diet and disease prevention lifestyle. We now bring you this ancient tradition with a twist: fiber. With our combination of traditional green tea and fiber, you will see and feel greater benefits.
Fiber Oolong Tea™ - Fat Burning Fuel
Burning more than twice the amount of calories as mainstream teas, our Fiber Oolong Tea™ may help your desire to drink off excess and unwanted body fat. We have also added our signature vegetable fiber.
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